The Ultimate List of Small Business Shipping Supplies you need

The Ultimate List of Small Business Shipping Supplies you need

  1. Thermal printer: Thermal Printer
Thermal Printer

2. Digital shipping scale

3. Custom Label maker machine

4. Shipping Boxes

5. Shipping bags

6. Packing paper

Thank you stickers

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Building your brand loyalty: How to turn your Customers into Loyal fans of your brand

The aim of any business should be not only to get more customers but to turn those customers into loyal fans of the brand. 

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Small Business Packaging Ideas: 5 Things you must include while packaging your order

The unboxing of your products is the first physical touch point between your brand and your customers. This experience determines how your products are received by the customer and will set in stone the future relationship between your brand and your customer.
The presentation of your packaging influence how your customers evaluate the quality and value of your product. What they feel about your brand. Will they talk about your brand to their friends? Most important – will they buy again and again from you?

How to scale your business using Social Media

How to use social media for business

How to scale your business using Social Media.

Social media these days has evolved into more than just a medium to connect friends with friends and acquaintances, to a more important role in connecting businesses to their customers.

If done right, social media can generate huge revenues for businesses!

But not all businesses use social media the right way, hence they fail to connect with the right customers and make sales.