How to use social media for business

How to scale your business using Social Media marketing.

Social media these days has evolved into more than just a medium to connect friends with friends and acquaintances, to a more important role in connecting businesses to their customers.

If done right, social media can generate huge revenues for businesses!

But not all businesses use social media the right way, hence they fail to connect with the right customers and make sales.

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How to use social media for business

Here are 2 key strategies that can help you turn a follower into a customer.

Step 1: Picking the right Social media marketing platform:

There are so many social media platforms out there.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Do you need to use all of them in your business?

Not necessarily.

It’s good to be present on all platforms to make sure that your brand name is not taken. Pick 1 or 2 platforms where you know your target audience is active and engaging.

For example, say I run a Beauty brand and my target audience uses Instagram a lot compared to Twitter so instead of focusing my social media on Twitter I would focus more on Instagram.

So, which two platforms do you think your target audience is most active on?

Download Free Business Starter Checklist

How to use social media for business
How to scale your business using Social Media

Step 2: Resonate with content:

Here is what a lot of businesses make mistakes once they pick a social media platform they start selling their products.

Every post that they make is and about their product.

Here is the thing. No one cares about your business or products they care about WHAT your business/ products do FOR THEM.

Use social media to convey that message. Showcase what your products do for them. Put the focus on your customer.

Here is an example: let’s say I am selling a Jade roller- a beauty face contouring massage roll.

Now my social media content should reflect what it does for my customers. I would use videos and posts about why to use a jade roller, how to use the roller, list out the benefits of using the jade roller, and so on.

What are their pain points? How are your products solving that problem for them? – do you notice how your message shifts when you put your customer first?

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