Top 3 reasons why you are not getting any sales on your website and how to fix it

Top 3 reasons why you are not getting any sales on your website and how to fix it

If you are selling products online and you are not getting sales?

If you have been driving traffic and yet not many people are buying your products?

then this post is for you,

Here we will discuss the top 3 reasons why people don’t buy the product they want on your website and how to fix it.

1. Images Matter:

As small business owners, all our focus goes on creating and procuring the product. Getting the website up and setting up the marketing campaigns.

There is no point in having a perfect product when the pictures of your products are bad on the website.

Either they are blurred product images, or not enough product images make customers doubtful about what exactly they are buying.

Here are two ways to fix it:

  1. Use a good camera – sharp pictures, with good lighting and a plain background
  2. Provide a 4 side (front, left, right, and back) view of the product whenever possible. – as much as possible display all the things and all the sides of the products they can get.
  3. Use good software tools like Canva to create good visual content

2. No Product descriptions:

Just like good photos, it’s important to provide a detailed product description too.

Ask yourself – What is the product about?

Who does it help? and how?

When to use/ how to use it?

what all does it contain?

3. Reviews:

Reviews on your products help you gain the trust of the buyer.

many online buyers tend to check for reviews before they make a purchasing decision.

collect reviews as soon as possible.

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