Target Market Worksheet: Guided Actionable Steps To Identify Your Ideal customer. For online business: printable | Digital download

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Marketing Strategy 1:1 Consultation

Marketing strategy Consultation

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How to get your first 100 customers without spending on ads.

How to get your first 100 paying customers – Strategy Masterclass

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Business Plan Guide - store front (1)

Business Plan Template with Step-by-step guide for online small business owners (Digital – Download)

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How to scale your business using Social Media

How to scale your business online using Social Media marketing

How to scale your business using Social Media.

Social media these days has evolved into more than just a medium to connect friends with friends and acquaintances, to a more important role in connecting businesses to their customers.

If done right, social media can generate huge revenues for businesses!

But not all businesses use social media the right way, hence they fail to connect with the right customers and make sales.