Small Business Brand Packaging Ideas: 5 Things you must include while packaging your order

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The unboxing of your products is the first physical touch point between your brand and your customers. This experience determines how your products are received by the customer and will set in stone the future relationship between your brand and your customer. 

 The presentation of your packaging influences how your customers evaluate the quality and value of your product. What they feel about your brand. Will they talk about your brand to their friends? Most important – will they buy again and again from you? 

 It is not wrong to assume that the unboxing experience is as significant as the product itself.

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They might look like small things. However, your brand packaging determines how your relationship with your customers will move forward. If done right, this proves to be the best marketing strategy for your brand. Here are  5 things you must include in your packaging that will help your brand grow for the better. 

How to pack a product for shipping

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Small Business Brand Packaging Ideas: Here are 5 Things you must include in your packaging

Small Business Packaging Ideas: 5 Things you must include while packaging your order
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1. Your Business Card

A Business card is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your brand. It helps people to remember you for longer and allows them to connect with you in the future. 

What should business cards include?

Your business card says a lot about you and your brand. Choose a design that reflects your brand. 

The aim of having a business card is to help people find you. This is your chance to get your customers to know you as a business. Here is a list of things your card should have

  • Your brand logo
  • Your brand name
  • Your name, title
  • Your website 
  • Helpline /Customer support
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Email
  • Social media usernames
  • A scannable QR code
  • Brief description of your brand

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2. Discount codes:

Give them discount codes for their next purchase. Discounts or promotional coupons are a great way to increase the chances for your customer to buy again. 

These coupons not only provide customers with an incentive to buy but also benefit the brand. Customers get the products for a lower price and your business generates more revenue and there is an increase in CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)

Free online coupon maker: Design a custom coupon using Canva

How to create gift vouchers or discount codes using Canva
ScreenShot – using Canva

3. ‘Thank you for your purchase’ Card:

Sending a ‘Thank you for your purchase card’ with their order. This helps you not only build a deeper connection with your customers but it makes your customers happy.

Why are these thank you cards important?

You must be wondering how this helps you and your brand. Sending in a simple thank you for your purchase can completely change the way your brand is perceived. 

I know this sounds too much out of the way. – send an authentic handwritten note can run a long way to delight your customers, and when they feel delighted, they will remember you. I know this can be a draining task. Especially when you’re fulfilling lots of orders. 

Here is a tip: create a thank you card on Canva with space to write your customer’s name. So, when you’re packing the order you can just fill in their name, and a personalized message is already written. 

Here is an example of thank you a card I just created using Canva

Thank you for your purchase card created using Canva
ScreenShot – using Canva

Keeping your customers happy is important because a happy customer is more likely to purchase again and also helps spread the word. This brings me to my next point. Ask for referrals. 

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4. Ask for referrals and Social Share:

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Asking your customers to refer us to their friends and family helps to build trust more easily. 

Importance of referrals from customers

 Referrals are the most effective and cost-effective way of getting new customers. People are more likely to buy when they’re referred by a friend. Give them a referral code they can share with their family and friends. You can also ask them to tag you in their posts. Encourage them to use a certain hashtag or tag you to get featured on your social media page. This is one of the ways you can build a loyal following for your brand and have social proof. 

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You are asking for referrals from your customers. Tag us CTA to encourage social proof. create using Canva
ScreenShot – using Canva

5. Sample products:

This is a small but powerful trick to make your customers buy from you, again and again, by sending samples of your other products.

Send in a mini version of your other products as a sample. Is a great way to tease your customers about the other amazing products they can buy from you and also try out what they like. 

Let’s say for example you’re an online brand that sells skin care products. Moisturizers, lip balms, eye cream, etc., and a customer just purchased a moisturizer from you. You can pack a sample of a mini lip balm for your customer.  This will help your customers to try out your product and order from you. 

6. Bonus Tip: Instructions/ Manual:

How to use your product?

These are some of the overlooked things, we assume people know how to use our products. Provide them with a simple how-to-use or how-to-take care of the products. mention if there is an expiry date or warning signs if applicable.

Small Business Packaging Ideas: 5 Things you must include while packaging your order.
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