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How to turn your Customers into Loyal fans of your brand

Good products do good business. But it’s the customer who builds the brand. 

Good business strategy helps you make money and it’s the branding that will help you build your tribe. 

we will learn:

  • Branding and Business 
  • Loyal fans of the brand
  • Why are they important 
  • How can you create a loyal fan for your brand

The aim of any business should be not only to get more customers but to turn those customers into loyal fans of the brand. 

Why is it important? 

Why do you need to turn customers into loyal fans? 

Before I list out some of the benefits of having a loyal fan following. Let me lead with an example. 

The best example I can use here is Apple.  

Who isn’t a fan of apple these days? Have you ever met or been an apple product fan yourself? 

They prefer to own every gadget that they launch. From iPhones to MacBooks to iPads even the tiny little AirPods.  

But does it mean they have the best products in the world? – not really. Some products are similar, in some sense better than Apple products. Yet, people who use Apple products prefer to use an Apple product no matter what. 

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This is the power of creating a loyal brand following. 

Having a loyal brand following helps businesses stay ahead of the competition. 

Build a strong relationship with the customer.

Have a long-term relationship with the customer: any products a brand launches – customers are eager to buy.

Helps lower your advertising cost. – it’s a lot easy and cheaper to market to an existing customer than to acquire new ones. 

So, How do we create a loyal brand following?

1. Know your target audience.

The biggest mistake new businesses make is that they try to sell to everyone. 

A lot of the clients that I talk to who are struggling to make a sale make this mistake. They tell me that their product is for everyone. When you do that, it’s hard to market your product. it‘s hard to get it out to the right customer. So it’s a necessity to make sure that you know who your target audience is. The more clear and niche down it is the clear your marketing message can be. More clear to brand your business.

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2.. Provide exceptional products:

What do I mean by providing exceptional products? 

Whatever products you offer, make sure that they are specifically designed for your target audience. 

Know what exactly your target audience needs, and how will your product make their life better? 

One way to make sure you provide good products is to constantly collect feedback from customers and make sure to use that feedback to improve your products and services. 

3. Engage with the customers:

A lot of businesses are so focused on selling that they fail to create meaningful communication with the customer. 

A way to create meaningful communication is to use social media as an engagement tool not just marketing your products. 

Also, have a birthday month program where you collect your customer’s birthdays and wish them. Also, provide a special gift with their order if they place an order during their birthday month. 

This takes me to the next point: 

4. Spoil them with Gifts:

Who doesn’t love gifts? When customers place orders send them a small gift with their order. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can send some complementary products which they can use with the initial order. For example, if you are selling tea power, a complimentary product will be a tea leaves strainer. 

You can also send some sample products – sending sample products with an order is a great way not only to bond with your customers but market your other products. 

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